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Piero Venturi
• Born in Bologna on 3.11.1955
• Resident in Via S. Lazzaro 19 St. Ruffillo
• Study in Bologna Via P. S. Dolfi 4           

Diploma of Surveyor 1975
Beginning in 1975 as a surveyor work experience since then has always exercised by this title, the professional writing of the province of Bologna Romagna in 1978 at No. 2252


Parma University

graduate degree in conservation and restoration


  • written and spoken English - good
  • French spoken and written - good
  • Spanish spoken and written - excellent



  • Steccata Church in Parma,
  • Dome of the Cathedral of Ravenna, with consolidation and restoration of the frescos by Guido Reni
  • Consolidation and restoration of the frescoes by Vitale da Bologna in the church of Santa Maria dei Servi in Bologna
  • Recovery covers the Church of S. Salvatore in Bologna
  • Recovery of wooden ceilings in the historic center of Bologna (via Borgonuovo)
  • Restoration Pallavicini Palace - Bologna Via San Felice
  • Consolidation and restoration of the sandstone portico of the church of S. Bartholomew in Bologna

Special list of international technical writing for UNESCO has participated in the following programs for this organization:


  • recovery program of Old Havana in Cuba, and planning
  • directing the restoration of the Cathedral Square and the  Cathedral itself from 1995 to 1998 in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of Madrid
  • Design and D.L. a leper colony in Côte d'Ivoire (in collaboration with FAO) Year 1998
  • Recovery of two wooden churches in Tromsø(Norway) year 1999
  • Project for the recovery of some archaeological sites in Cambodia in the Sieam Reap (Angkor) and consolidation of some temples are part of the main building of the temple of Angkor Wat, with responsibility for the direction of the work - years 1999 to 2001
  • Feasibility study for the recovery of gaps in the city of Pagan temples in the state of Myanmar (formerly Burma) year 2002

Experience in the construction industry

  • Design and D.L. in collaboration with Ingg. Loris Guido Venturi and Cavani Fossolo Film Theatre in Bologna - the Capitol cinema in Bologna - years 1976-1977
  • Design of the Chapel of the Red Cross Nurses in boarding school in Bologna - year 1980
  • SIS forage Industrial Complex (San Lazzaro) year 1986
  • Former industrial areas Italjet subdivision (San Lazzaro) - year 1993
  • Recovery of the Church of Steccata of Parma - 1992-1993 years
  • Recovery of frescoes and ceilings decorated in sector 1 of Borgonuovo Street in the historic center of Bologna
  • Design of a tourist village in Numana (AN) (Villaggio Taunus) - 1978-1985 years
  • Design of a resort and commercial center in Tortoreto Sea (Te) years 1985-1990
  • Design and recovery of some rural buildings in the Bolognese hills - various years
  • Various designs and recovery of old houses in Radda in Chianti - year 1994
  • 1998 operates in the south-east Asia for the design and construction of villas and resorts for property companies, in particular, Thai and Korean island of Ko Samui and in the city of Chan Mai
  • 10. Feasibility study and project glide volumetric for the construction of a marina with an adjoining subdivision and shopping center in Long Island (Bahamas) in 2005
  • Design of residential buildings in Cape Verde island of Boa Vista – 2007
  • Recovery of demilitarized areas in the Czech Republic with conversion to commercial use years 2005-2007